Disability Self-Identification Form

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Student Disability Services (SDS) would like to know more about your needs. Please begin the SDS student intake process by completing this form.

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Disability and Accommodation History

Please note that relaying the details of your disability via this form (i.e., disability type or accommodation history) is not required in order for you to begin the SDS registration process.

Given the following options, how would you categorize the nature of the disability or disabilities for which you are seeking accommodation? You may select more than one disability type.

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I understand that the submission of this confidential Self- ID form is only the first step in notifying The New School of my disability-related needs. The next steps are to make an appointment with SDS and provide supporting documentation. Appointments are made through your Starfish account and documentation guidelines can be found on the main SDS Website.

Upload supporting document(s)

Documentation should include the following:

1. Diagnosis of your current condition(s), as well as supporting information, such as the date of the diagnosis, and the credentials of the diagnosing professional;

2. Information on how the condition affects your academic functioning in a post-secondary environment

3. Recommendations and justification for reasonable accommodations

*For housing requests documentation should include how your conditions impact you in a residential living environment, and the justification of why you need the specific housing accommodations requested (single room, ESA, etc…)*

See More here: https://www.newschool.edu/student-disability-services/documentation/